Dearest Cynthia: A letter from the battlefield

Dearest Cynthia, I am sorry this letter does not come with roses and a box of chocolates. I am so sorry, Cyn, that it is yet another day and I’m not home with you. I know you are crossing dates off the calendar and I know you have not stopped whispering my name over bentContinue reading “Dearest Cynthia: A letter from the battlefield”


My Kind Of Weather I : A Love Story

We had a different story. We didn’t grow up as baby neighbors. Your momma wasn’t my momma’s friend and there was not a single shot of your face in our family album. We met at the village river. I was not swimming like the other girls. I had my legs in the water. I doContinue reading “My Kind Of Weather I : A Love Story”

My Kind Of Weather II : A Love Story

I was not the first to hear it. I knew because I heard it from three people at different times. My momma was one of them. She was bent over the family stove; stirring pepper soup with a wooden spoon. “Have you heard?” I said “hm?“. I was reading. Momma always said girls my ageContinue reading “My Kind Of Weather II : A Love Story”

Waiting for December

If I was in charge of calendars, every month would be a December. Everybody’s caught up in the January wave. Christmas decor are coming off our walls and doors. Families are saying goodbyes to families. Lovers are travelling home and away from home. Even stores are removing their discount posters. Its as though a painterContinue reading “Waiting for December”

Flip-flops and Louboutins

I’ve been asked out on a date. And that scares me. I am butterflies-dancing-in-my-tummy kind of scared. Because sometimes, dates are classy and special and honest whispers and shy gazes. Sometimes dates are too much for jeans and T-shirt girls. Like me. “You cannot act like flip-flops and expect to be treated like louboutins” WhenContinue reading “Flip-flops and Louboutins”

Suitcase Memories, Front door Journeys

I like to settle. I like to make a home of every small space I get to call mine. We paste fading passport size photographs of people we love. We pin our favorite quotes on the wall. I’d plant a garden, if I had a little more space. I like to settle because it almostContinue reading “Suitcase Memories, Front door Journeys”