Collective Survival in ‘How to Write My Country’s Name’ [Review]

In a time where a pandemic is throttling the global economy and there’s an increasing attempt to quantify and mitigate loss, I find myself thinking about home now more than ever, seeking updates about the cases, following government intervention and subconsciously comparing the two realities- how different would things be if I were home? WillContinue reading “Collective Survival in ‘How to Write My Country’s Name’ [Review]”


What You’ve Heard is True. I Have a Book.

I cannot think of any better time to use Carolyn Forché’s words other than this moment in my life. What you have heard is true, I have a book coming. A whole book, a spine of life launching out into the world in two months. And I suppose until yesterday, only four people knew aboutContinue reading “What You’ve Heard is True. I Have a Book.”

This is for You – A Short Story

I shouldn’t say this, but I was content; having you stay home and not have to share your story with friends at work. The role of a journalist is to give an account, to dig and unearth truths, and to make known what they find. You have always been the one thrusting a microphone intoContinue reading “This is for You – A Short Story”

Acceleration – A Short Story

To be condemned isn’t always the worst ending. I say this because I know nothing comes close to taking a judgement upon oneself, wanting to draw your own hands to your neck and choke the life out of you because the body, as we know it, can be its own weapon. Its own enemy. TheContinue reading “Acceleration – A Short Story”

Twenty-four: An open-heart letter to self

Dear T, It’s only a few more days and 2019 will be gone and you’ll be swept in the wave of the New Year. You’re sitting here in an empty house, feeling lonely, tired, overwhelmed and even then, loved, held and seen. This year has been everything you never imagined it would be and evenContinue reading “Twenty-four: An open-heart letter to self”

Choosing Love in a Woke World of Self-centeredness

On Monday, I gave one of my best hugs to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while because we’d had a misunderstanding and things had gotten somewhat awkward between us. When she walked up to me and tapped me on the shoulder, I spun around surprised and pulled her into a tight hug andContinue reading “Choosing Love in a Woke World of Self-centeredness”

No Guts, No Glory: Taking Chances & Embracing Change

It’s one of those moments in my life I’m having to take in deep breaths every few minutes and whisper to myself, “you’ve got this girl. Keep moving, keep your head up.” I’m finding myself in a completely new environment, miles away from home, family and friends. I know how bad I have wanted anContinue reading “No Guts, No Glory: Taking Chances & Embracing Change”

Black Girls Glow: It takes a Whole Orchestra

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock Black Girls Glow (BGG) is an initiative to foster collaborations among women artists and explore ways that art can build community. When I received a mail that I had been selected to participate in this year’s BGG ResidencyContinue reading “Black Girls Glow: It takes a Whole Orchestra”